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First 8 hours (minimum requirement)

$159.99 + tax

$24.50 per hour thereafter, after initial 8 hours, up to 30 hours.

$23.50 per hour thereafter, after initial 8 hours, for monthly hours that exceed 31 hours or more.

Monthly Invoice is written with your total estimated hours each month.


$60.00 + tax

Dry Storage (per 12 c/f shelving unit)

$30.00 + tax

Dry Storage
(Lockable Closet/Room)

$65.00 – $225.00 + tax

Walk-In Cooler With Key Fob Access (per shelving unit)

$140.00 + tax

Prices are subject to change without formal or written notice.

Food Truck/Trailer Packages Available
1 day a week during EVENT weeks only* **

Exclusive Permanent Food Truck/Trailer (monthly)* **

* Includes temporary and limited use of walk-in cooler & freezer

**DOES NOT include special events such as Bowl Games

All pricing is based on a 6 month minimum agreement and members will provide first month’s fees and minimum deposit of $300.00.

Although we do have a structured pricing menu, we have the advantage and will be our pleasure to be flexible with costs, depending on many variables.

These variables include but are not limited to: your total monthly hours used, the days of use, specific time of day or night needed, advanced notice of reservation, number of personnel you have in the kitchen and number of appliances needed at a time.

Give us a call to discuss what the price will be based on your specific needs. Let us know what we can do to earn your business.

Must have ServSafe or equivalent.
We do host classes/test, as requested, at the kitchen.
It’s $140. The Certification is good for 5 years.

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